Peach & Mango with Maplecream Boilie - 20mm

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Peach & Mango with Maplecream Boilie - 20mm


This boilie was created by legendary carp angler Rod Hutchinson and uses all of his extensive knowledge gained from years in the bait world to make it a top-notch offering.

It is a milk protein boilies that will work just as well in the winter as it will in the summer and Rod has added two of his favorite fish catching flavours – Peach Supreme and Maplecream.

The addition of Mango to this winning combination finishes the devastating bait.

Key features:
- The main attractor is one of Rod’s favourite flavours: Peach Supreme
- By adding a Mango palatant along with food stimulants, this bait will keep carp feeding for hours
- Maplecreme is finally added, creating a trio of irresistible flavours
- Based on Rod Hutchinson’s original milk protein recipe

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